Hi, this is Miina. I am a Japanese woman who lives in Brooklyn, NY with my lovely husband and daughter.

I have tried hundreds of skin care products hoping one day I would find items that would solve my concerns. …But it never happened.

One day I read a book written by a Japanese dermatologist – Dr. Ryuichi Utsugi about his Skin Fasting method. Because I’ve always disappointed by prior products I’ve used,  this method seemed worth trying.

Skin Fasting is widely known back home, in Japan. But I discovered it isn’t recognized so much here in the United States.  So I have decided to introduce this wonderful method and sharing my experience with you although writing in English is a little bit of a challenge for me.

I usually ask my husband or friends who are native English speakers to review before publishing, but sometimes I might go ahead to post when they are too busy. I try to use simple words but if you see mistakes in my writing, please leave a comment!

For any inquiry, please send me an email at tum.collections@gmail.com.