The Risk of Using Sunscreen

The Risk of Using Sunscreen

Most of us have always been reminded of the importance of using sunscreen every day to protect our skin from UV rays. But have you ever considered the risk of using sunscreen products that are full of chemical ingredients?


Sunscreen might be more harmful than UV

According to dermatologist Dr. Utsugi from Japan, the author of a skin fasting book, “The Only Way That Solves Skin Troubles” ( The original title is Japanese.), the damage from UV typically begins after 15 mins of getting sun exposure. ( The length of time varies depending on the skin type). Therefore if you are under the sun only for a short time, you may not need to use sunscreen.

And more importantly, though many of us may not be aware of this, he calls our attention to the damage that occurs on your our skin by:

1. The chemical ingredients from sunscreen harm your skin gradually over time.
2. Every time you rub your skin, you are damaging the skin tissues.

So in short, applying the sunscreen that you thought was better for your skin may have not been better or might have even been more harmful to your skin.


The benefits of getting sun exposure

Regular sun exposure is important for both the human body and mind. When your skin is exposed to sun, it produces Vitamin D which will help in preventing many problems like osteoporosis, cancers, or depression. There are some foods that also contain Vitamin D such as salmon, sardine, or canned tuna. But it is difficult to obtain the amount you need only from foods. So the best way to boost vitamin D is from natural sunlight.

However, it is also true that UV rays from the sun are one of the main causes of your skin to age. So we all should know the proper way to cope with the sun for our skin health.

Please read my previous post for how to protect from UV, and how to remove the sunscreen.

What Is Skin Fasting And How To Start


Going out without sunscreen was scary to me

The first time that I was introduced to this approach about sun protection, I was not sure if I wanted to do it. In Japan (where I’m from), the majority of women make desperate efforts to keep their skin away from the sun. They, of course, use sunscreen on their face and body, and they add extra protection with accessories like hats, sunglasses, umbrella or gloves, and some even take dietary supplements.

I was not the exception. I had believed that you must use sunscreen every day even when it is raining. Going outside for even less than 15 mins with bare skin sounded very scary to me. But my curiosity got the better of my fear. So I decided to give my skin a break from sunscreen.

It was the end of February when I started the skin fasting, so I didn’t really feel anxious about getting the sun exposure in short bursts of time. But now the summer is approaching and when I am exposed to strong sunlight, I feel unprotected and uncomfortable. But now I take up my arsenals against the UV rays that are gentle on my skin.

In my next post, I will talk about the items that help me to cope with the sun.

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    • Thank you for your comment! Yes, I definitely recommend you to give it a try! Skin fasting may help to reduce acne as well. If you have oily skin, you may want to use a very gentle soap to clean your face. Try and find the best way for yourself. After 6 months of the experiment, I adjusted the skin fasting method a little bit that suites better for my skin. I had been so busy but your comment motivated me to continue writing!

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